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    Sometimes conventional forklifts are unable to reach heights, and this means you may need to look for a telehandler to hire. At Waverley Forklifts, we have you covered with our elite fleet of telehandlers on standby and ready to go on demand.

    With our telehandler hire service, you’ve got the option of renting our telehandler products for either a short term or long term duration, saving you the need to purchase a telehandler outright if you don’t require one permanently.

    As an independent company operating for over 50 years, we have come to understand what our customers need when looking for a telehandler to hire, so we can arrange a contract period that best suits you, ranging between a number of days to a number of years.

    From the highest-grade machinery and products available for hire, to providing the best service regarding your delivery and transportation, call us today on 1300 LIFT IT and know that you can always count on Waverley Forklifts for your next telehandler hire.


    A telehandler is a shortened version of ‘telescopic handler’ and you can think of it as a hybrid combination of a crane and a forklift. Designed to lift load on forks, the telescopic boom on the telehandler allows the forks to reach places that standard forklifts can’t.

    Due to their portability, mobility, how easily they can be driven to different sites or locations and across tough terrains, telehandlers are exceptionally versatile and efficient. They are a popular choice for industries including construction, quarries, farming, and agriculture.

    A versatile and manoeuvrable hydraulic lifting unit, telehandlers provide users with the load lifting capabilities that you get with a forklift, with the lifting and height range of a crane. There are different types of telehandlers, and you can also fit a telehandler with different attachments so it can be used for different tasks. If you’re unsure of what type of telehandler you need or if a telehandler is the best choice for your needs, simply have a chat with our Waverley Forklifts team today. We’ll be able to guide you through the options we have available when you need a telehandler for hire.


    By design, telehandlers are mainly a lift and place tool which can be used across a range of applications. They have the lift you’ll find with a hydraulic forklift with the elevation of a crane, so you can lift or reach higher. By changing to a jib with a hook or a winch, they can also be used as a hoisting device. When you book a telehandler for hire from us, you can use it for a wide range of applications, including:

    • Agriculture – picking fruit, and moving animal food or hay bales
    • Construction – cleaning worksites or moving materials and workers to heights
    • Manufacturing – removing heavy or bulky loads from trucks
    • Transportation – removing cargo from within a trailer and container stuffing
    • Residential – lifting loads up to roofs or upper floors
    • Onsite safety – used instead of manual lifting or allows you to safely position your staff above the ground
    • Maintenance – maintaining utilities, changing lights, painting or cleaning walls and ceilings

    With our telehandler hire, you’ll be able to get any job done quickly and efficiently.


    Commonly found on construction and work sites, telehandlers and forklifts are sometimes considered machinery that does the same job, though this isn’t quite true. While they do provide similar actions including lifting, placing, and moving loads, they have very different capabilities which means they ultimately provide different functions. So, if you’re looking for a telehandler to hire but you aren’t sure of the main difference between a telehandler or a forklift, here are some points to bear in mind:


    • Move better across uneven or slippery surfaces, including outdoors
    • Can move loads back and forth while the base stays still
    • Telehandlers can be fitted with different/multiple arm attachments, meaning the one piece of equipment can perform a range of tasks
    • Able to easily access odd angles and tight spaces with their extendable boom
    • Pallet forks can be attached to a telehandler so it can work like a forklift
    • The versatility of the telehandler can present significant costs savings because you won’t need to purchase or hire additional equipment
    • With the option of 4WD features, telehandlers can operate on and off-road
    • Reduce the need for repetitive manual or unsafe lifting tasks



    Can only transport loads up and down

    • Moves loads across shelves, docks, vehicles, and worksites
    • Ideal for inside use such as a warehouse or factory
    • Cheaper initial investment


    Here at Waverley Forklifts, we have telehandlers available in a variety of configurations and sizes to meet any needs.

    The reach we have within each state means that we not only operate in metropolitan cities, but also in rural communities. With our dedicated network, we are able to provide a telehandler to hire customers wherever they may be.

    If you would like to learn more about the versatility that comes with a telehandler for hire, or you’re ready to discuss how low you want to hire our products for, call 1300 LIFT IT for a free 10-minute consultation with us now.